Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The "Giao Thua" (New Year's Eve)

The Giao Thua is the most sacred point of time, the passage from the old to the new year. It is popularly believed that in Heaven there are twelve Highnesses in charge of monitoring and controlling the affairs on earth, each of them taking charge of one year. The giao thua is the moment of seeing off the old chieftain upon the conclusion of his term and welcoming in the new one upon his assumption of office. For this reason, every home makes offerings in the open air to pray for a good new year.
After the giao thua is the start of the new year with many customs and practices, amusements and entertainment, all of a distinct Vietnamese folk culture. If you have an opportunity to visit Vietnam during the Tet Holidays and to welcome the Tet Festivities, together with the Vietnamese people, you will surely be profoundly impressed by the distinct traditional culture that is rich in national identity.
During the first three or four days of Tet, the first houseguest to offer Tet greetings is considered the "first visitor of the year" (xong dat). Their luck is considered to have a strong effect on the homeowner's business success for the upcoming year. The belief of xong dat remains very strong nowadays, especially among business people.


Anonymous thuong thuong said...

2 anh! em cung k ro anh sinh nam nao nhung chac chan hon em kha nhieu tuoi.Von tieng anh cua anh very excellent.Rat mong dc anh giup do.thanks anh trc(k bit bao h moi dc anh reply)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

tuyệt vời!!!!!!!e rất thích học tiếng anh nên blog của anh chắc chắn là nguồn tham khảo bổ ích cho em và tất cả mọi người. chúc anh mạnh khỏe và ngày càng có nhiều bài viết hay.

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